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Lokalne i regionalne vlade spremne za isporuku u EU 2030 klime i energetski sporazum




windmills_and_workers___largeOdbor regija (Odbor regija) oprezno pozdravila je ishod 2030 klimu i okvira energetskoj politici.

CoR President Michel Lebrun said: “Despite the wide ranging positions on the climate and energy package to 2030, we welcome the fact that a compromise has been reached. In this sense, the European Union has today taken the lead and set an example for the world to follow. Though not matching the ambition set out by the Committee of the Regions, the targets set offer Europe’s local and regional authorities a basis to build from and a platform to launch negotiations during the UN climate talks in Paris next year.”

President Lebrun further pointed out: “The decision on greenhouse gas reduction and renewable energy is a step in the right direction. We should remember that the previous 2020 targets drove up the share of renewable energy in the EU by 4.5%: it is a sector that can boost competitiveness, create jobs and attract investment in our communities. Europe’s local and regional authorities have continually shown far greater ambition and are now ready to deliver and try to exceed the targets over the coming years.”

In a recent opinion led by Annabelle Jaeger (FR/PES), member of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council, the Committee called for the EU to set a “winning trio” of 2030 EU climate and energy targets. By 2030, it had hoped for a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 levels; 40% share of renewable energies, based on national targets; and 40% reduction in primary energy consumption compared with 2005 achieved through efficiency gains, also based on national targets.

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