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Izjava Julije Timošenko o situaciji na Krimu i 'većoj misiji' Ukrajine




yulia-tymoshenko.si“First and foremost. On March 16 there was no ‘referendum’ in Crimea. This ‘referendum’ was a cover for overt military aggression against Ukraine and an attempt to annex part of Ukrainian territory. 

“Not a single civilised state has recognised the results of this so-called referendum. It was one hundred percent illegal and its legal consequences are worthless. This big lie won’t last long.

"Drugo. Krim će uvijek biti ukrajinski, unatoč svim pokušajima ruskih okupatora. Ovo je naša zemlja i nikome je nećemo dati!

"Treći. Od srca želim zahvaliti svima koji brane nacionalne interese Ukrajine na Krimu u ovim dramatičnim danima. Zahvalan sam ukrajinskoj vojsci na njihovom neraskidivom duhu, strpljivosti, nevjerojatnom herojstvu i domoljublju. Zahvalan sam Krimljanima koji nisu podržali separatiste. Zahvalan sam krimskim Tatarima, dobrovoljcima i novinarima.

“Thanks to you, a new proud and beautiful Ukraine is being born – a country of heroes! And there’s nothing the Russian aggressors can do about this. Justice will be restored soon.

“I implore the Ukrainian parliament to urgently ratify the Rome Statute to allow Ukraine to appeal to the International Criminal Court in Hague and to petition the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to rule on the compatibility of the Rome Statue with the Constitution of Ukraine. Ukraine must urgently appeal to the International Criminal Court to stop the military capture of Ukraine. Everyone involved in the military aggression against our state must face personal international responsibility.

“I feel sorry for the people of Crimea who fell for this big lie and became victims of their own carelessness and naiveté, which may cast their sunny island into darkness. The Russian regime will soon show them that even the subtropics can have polar nights. This could lead to a humanitarian disaster and unpredictable consequences for the Crimeans. There will be no economic paradise. Russia doesn’t have the resources – their economy is on the verge of collapse. Now that leading countries of the world are imposing the strictest sanctions against Russia, tomorrow they will have no interest in Crimea and its people.


"Četvrta. Žao mi je ruskog naroda. Vode ih u totalitarni ponor ekonomskog i duhovnog kolapsa koji ide ruku pod ruku sa siromaštvom i razaranjem.

“Using degrading and immoral means, the Russian government has destroyed the notion of truth with their mad propaganda for the occupation of Ukraine. They have killed the myth of Russia’s orthodoxy, spirituality and sacredness and what they believe is their positive personal role in the history of mankind. Instead, the whole world has witnessed Russia’s immoral and unjustified aggression that has put under question the peaceful coexistence of all nations on this planet.

“The Russian regime has even offset Russia’s historical role in WWII and transformed it from a liberator to an invader. This moral loss for Russia is far more tragic than any perspective material losses resulting from international sanctions.

“But we can only hope that a new Russia is also being born today. Not Putin’s Russia, but a country that last weekend came out for the march of freedom. A Russia of Andrey Makarevich wearing a yellow and blue ribbon. A Russia of Liya Akhedzhakova, Eldar Ryazanov and Boris Grebenshchikov. Ukraine has a real future with a Russia like this.

"Peti. Na Majdanu je Ukrajina napravila svoj proeuropski izbor i donijela prvu pobjedu u borbi za europske vrijednosti uklanjanjem diktature. Danas je, unatoč svim poteškoćama, naše jedinstvo jače nego ikad prije. 21. ožujka vidjet ćemo potpisivanje sporazuma o pridruživanju s EU. Ovo je uspjeh za Ukrajinu i ne može se izbrisati. Neka nitko ne sumnja u našu otpornost i sigurnost.

“We made our choice and we choose freedom!

“And one more thing…

“The Ukrainian Maidan overthrew criminal despotism. The people triumphed. This is good, but we cannot stop because today our tyrannical neighbour wants to conquer Ukraine.

“We are a peaceful people who do not choose war. But if necessary, we can do more than just defend ourselves. Perhaps even against our will, Ukraine now has a new and greater mission: to help break the tyranny of our neighbouring state with our spiritual and moral power.

“Ukraine has learned to win and today has the strongest weapon in the world – the power of will, honour, truth and spirit!

“Today Ukraine is not only the geographical centre of Europe – it is also the spiritual centre for victory of democracy. The world has recognized this and is standing by Ukraine’s side.

“Last Saturday Valeriya Novodvorskaya said democratic Russia is waiting for the Ukrainian army to liberate it. This is obviously a metaphor, but it does contain a grain of reality.

“We won’t be visiting anyone with tanks and machine guns, but we have a different army. It is an army that cannot be stopped by borders, trenches, anti-tank fortifications or minefields. It is our Ukrainian army of freedom, democracy, human dignity and spirit. And it is already on the march. Ukraine is fulfilling its mission, which includes the liberation of Russia.

“I believe that everything will be fine.

Julija Timošenko

“P.S. According to legend, Master Kano was walking through the forest in winter and saw two tree branches covered in snow. One thick branch broke under the weight of the snow whilst another, a younger branch, bent under the weight, straightened back up throwing the snow. This is how judo came to be – a martial art whose basic principle is to feign submission in order to win. But only feign. Ukraine is that second, younger branch. I think there’s at least one well-known judoka in Russia that should know this parable.”

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