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Ipak mnogo učiniti, predsjednik CAR govori Odbora za vanjske poslove




la-FG-WN-prvi-žena-centralno-afrička-republike-20140120“The Central African Republic is doing much better. There is a clear improvement even if it is still very fragile,” CAR’s interim president Catherine Samba-Panza (na slici) told foreign affairs MEPs. CAR still needs the EU’s “multi-dimensional aid”, she stressed, calling on member states to redouble their efforts to help the CAR meet its electoral, budgetary and security challenges.
Samba-Panza welcomed the conclusions of the Bangui national forum, where participants had had “frank discussions and dialogue” and thanked the EU for “all the initiatives taken to support the peace process, security, humanitarian assistance and economic recovery” in her country.MEPs called on donors to honour their commitments to implement the CAR recovery plan. They asked for clarifications concerning the electoral timetable. Samba-Panza thought the general and presidential elections should be held before the end of the year. Members of the committee also voiced concerns about the fight against impunity and the reintegration of rebels in the armed forces.Pogledajte raspravu o Video na zahtjev.

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