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Facebook: This year’s most popular #EuropeanParliament posts so far




20160706PHT35963_width_600Parliament’s Facebook page is one of the most popular platforms for people to follow what MEPs are working on. More than two million people use it to discover the latest news and discuss the latest issues. But what are they interested in the most? Read on as the five most popular Facebook posts of the first six months of 2016 are revealed.

Međunarodni Dan Žena

A post on 8 March in honour of International Women’s Day proved this year’s most popular post so far. This year’s edition was dedicated to women refugees.

Blanca Martín Torres wrote: “To all these courageous women, which are a lot around the world, my best wishes on this day!”

Schengen zone

Schengenski zona putovanja bez putovnice je pod pritiskom zbog migracije krize. Post na 17 veljače posvećena ovo je ljudi raspravljaju o pitanju opširno.

Paul Adamson wrote: “As a Brit living in Belgium and Luxembourg for a period that spans both before and after the creation of Schengen I believe free movement is a privilege that needs to be preserved. Stronger external borders are now needed to ensure this is so.” However, Jim Berteloot said: “We don’t mind if internal borders are re-established for the sake of security. I’m for the check-up at the borders of each Schengen country.”


kriza Migracija

Video gleda na migracijske krize i objašnjavanja tko je kvalificiran za azil je naširoko gledao i dovela u živo raspravu.

Tibor Fonai said: “It’s a shame for Europe that we can’t help those refugees that are really in danger and we can’t make sure that our continent is safe for all citizens. We left Italy, Greece etc. alone with the ‘border problem’ and now of course the situation is escalating in the EU. But don’t forget during discussions: human beings still drowning right now on the sea and we’re all watching it from our comfort zone. This is unacceptable.” Paul Cavanagh said: “Frau Merkel’s policy of open door migration has angered many and will burden Europe with many people who will not integrate into a European way of life.”

Dan sjećanja na holokaust

Na 27 siječnja parlament objavio post u čast Međunarodnog Dan sjećanja na Holokaust, pozivajući ljude da bi saznali kako Parlament pomaže u borbi protiv diskriminacije. Ovaj post je naširoko dijeliti.

Gabino Gil Prieto wrote: “I would like to say that THANKS to this common project called the European Union, for most improvements that might need, is the main reason WHY no other atrocities has happened in any of the EU countries for THE LAST 70 YEARS, which is the first time that happens in Europe history!”

Nova godina

Nova godina započela s praskom kada je post od parlamenta želi svima sretnu Novu godinu također je pokazala i sama vrlo popularna kod naših sljedbenika.

Jagjit Singh wrote: “Happy new year to all of you. May this upcoming year bring many opportunities your way, To explore every joy of life, turning all your dreams into reality.”

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