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#RefugeeCrisis: ‘European Parliament fixes refugee crisis’, says EPP




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On the eve of the last European Council at the beginning of March, the European Parliament has set out the way forward on the refugee crisis. Today 16 March, the Civil Liberties Committee adopted a report on tackling migration from all aspects and lays out the European Parliament’s political direction on this very important subject.

Samo prošle godine, 1.8 milijuna ljudi prešlo je u Europu: 3,771 se utopio u Mediteranu i ove godine je više od 77 djece poginulo.

Roberta Metsola, zastupnica EP-a, sugovornik EPP grupe komentirao je:

“We need to look at every single aspect and come up with an all-encompassing plan that looks at the short, medium and long-term responses. This is what this report is about. As regards the recent EU-Turkey Joint Action Plan, we emphasize the need for all parties to fulfil the agreement and for Turkey to fulfil its commitments to prevent irregular migration flows from its territory to the EU.”

She added: “When it comes to Frontex, the recently-proposed European Border and Coast Guard will set up an integrated border management at the external borders with a view to managing migration effectively and ensuring a high level of internal security. Security fears do exist among our citizens and member states must fulfil their obligations at the external borders if these fears are to be in any way allayed.”

“The abolition of the Schengen internal border controls has to go hand-in-hand with strengthening external borders. This is simply a pre-requisite if we are to save Schengen.”


“One crucial aspect of this complex topic is disrupting the activities of criminal networks involved in trafficking and people smuggling and our Report tackles this point.”

“We know that not everyone who arrives in Europe is eligible for protection. And we understand that the return of those who are not eligible must be carried out. Only 36% of those who were ordered to leave the EU were actually returned in 2014. There is therefore a clear need to improve the effectiveness of our return system – and this is something that simply must be done.”

“At the same time, we need additional readmission agreements with third countries which are essential if we are to have a coherent return strategy.”

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