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Je nuklearni projektil krize Ukrajina tek počeo?




Ukrajina-vođa-prijeti-Rusija-s nuklearnim oružjaPrema preveo izvor vijestis within the country, Ukraine’s interim representative has threatened Russia with nuclear weapons, if Russia does not remove troops from within Ukrainian borders.

Mikhail Golovko said in a live interview: “Russia can not win in this situation, it is a violation of all international norms and guarantees. If they are violated, we reserve the right to recover a nuclear weapon. Resume nuclear status and it will be quite different to communicate,” he said.

Golovko said that Ukraine has all the necessary technology to recreate nuclear weapons, and for these purposes “would be 3-6 months”.

“They can not accept that Ukraine is moving away from their orbits. Under Yanukovich we were actually a colony of Moscow, signed an agreement…this onerous convulsions, attempts to play the card of Crimea,” he added.

“Crimea patchy, there is a very active group of Tatars…I’m sure that we can resolve…Admiral Igor Tenyukh knows the situation in the Crimea, he can respond appropriately…We have a real chance to cope. There needs cleaning staff … agents of foreign intelligence,” he said.

The deputy called Russia’s actions “explicit intervention”.



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