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Radnici zgađaju torijevce zbog glasanja o pomoći EU britanskim bankama hrane




article_5df3f5330c368129_1355751342_9j-4aaqskConservative MEPs have voted against EU aid for Britain’s food banks – the European Parliament voted by an overwhelming majority – 592-61 – to endorse the fund today (25 February), with Conservative MEPs among the few opponents.

The government had already sought to block the fund in inter-governmental negotiations, and won a concession that the money can be used for “immaterial” not “material” aid, which it has said it will use. In practice that means Britain’s food banks will be blocked from claiming from the £3 million fund allocated to the UK.

MEP Richard Howitt, who helped negotiate the fund, said: “It defies belief that David Cameron’s government has sought to block a fund for ‘the most deprived’ and their MEPs have voted against it today. And even after it is agreed they will still prevent Britain’s food banks from claiming from it.

“The cost of this government’s anti-European ideology, coupled with its bitterly felt cost-of-living crisis, is literally taking food from the mouths of children.

“By taking the cash for other ‘immaterial’ projects, they are only demonstrating how immaterial it is to meeting true need in the country. It is sheer hypocrisy for the government to oppose the EU fund saying it is their own job to provide help – but then refusing to do so.”

The government says that measures of this kind are best delivered by individual nations via their own social programmes – yet there aren’t any government plans to aid food banks from national budgets.

Howitt added: “More than half a million people in Britain have used food banks in the past year. Twelve thousand children are dependent on free food handouts in my own East of England constituency alone. One in five mothers regularly skip meals to better feed their children.


“I know from personally visiting food banks and from working with the Trussell Trust that volunteers, largely from churches, are giving their time freely irrespective of politics to meet desperate need, and we call on the government to do the same by allowing this fund to be claimed for food aid in Britain.”

Konzervativni glasnogovornik rekao je za Reporter EU: ” It is not for the EU to dictate to member states how to run their welfare systems or how to help the needy.  Individual countries must be allowed to decide for themselves how they raise and distribute relief for people who require help – be it from charities or the state.

“Britain’s benefits and welfare system may still need further reform, but most in Europe seem to see it as generous rather than harsh.

“We won’t be taking any lectures from Brussels or from Labour about management of a welfare system which they allowed to grow out of control.”

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