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EGSO poziva građana EU ustati i broje




p-014679-00-10Leading figures from the business, trade union, professional and voluntary sector Europe-wide have called on EU citizens to stand up and be counted. Speaking at the beginning of elections throughout the EU, the Vice President of the organisation which represents European economic and social interests in Brussels, urged the EU’s 400 million voters to go out and vote.

“European election time is when the EU comes right up to the doorstep of its citizens”, said Socijalnog odbora Europskog gospodarskog i (EGSO) Zamjenik predsjednika Jane Morrice. “The people of Europe have a real opportunity to make their voices heard”, she said. “We must use that to tell those we elect what type of Europe we want. Voter apathy gets us nowhere. We need strong and effective leadership to steer us through the crisis – a leader with a firm democratic mandate is what the EU needs right now.”

The EESC has produced an ‘Action Plan for Europe’ which puts the EU citizen at the heart of the European project. It proposes a new three-strand approach to progress combining economic, social and civil interests so the European Union moves forward together. The plan was approved by 142 votes for 96 against and 12 abstentions following a heated debate between employers, trade unions and others in the EESC plenary session. This will go to the newly elected European Parliament to serve as the EESC’s contribution to new thinking on the future of the EU.

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