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'Nakon referenduma u istočnoj Ukrajini trebamo europsku politiku prema Rusiji', kažu Zeleni




0 ,, 17618729_303,00Commenting on yesterday’s (11 May) referendum in eastern Ukraine, Green/EFA group President Rebecca Harm said: “The results of this undemocratic and unfair referendum do not signify the division of Ukraine. The vote took place in the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk under very questionable conditions. Full polling stations cannot be taken as evidence of huge voter turnout. Compared to regular elections, only a quarter of the usual number of polling stations was provided. As the referendum does not comply with international standards, it cannot be recognised.

“We need a common European policy on Russia. The EU foreign affairs ministers, meeting today, have to show that they refuse to accept Russia’s negative behaviour. The use of a mix of diplomacy and targeted sanctions, including economic, must be continued. The EU cannot allow a country on this continent to jeopardise the peace order with a rationale based on ethnicity.

“The EU should opt for the OSCE as mediator instead of NATO. This organisation was created expressly for this purpose and together with Russia. It must now be put into operation to further de-escalation and ensure proper conduct of the presidential elections on 25 May. The Geneva II negotiations should be convened immediately.”


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